Grape Seed Oil

So as you all know, I pre-poo my hair weekly. When I first started pre-pooing, I was using olive oil and I loved it. I was also adding a little olive oil to my deep conditioner.

I started to read what other people used for their pre-poo and a lot of people used coconut oil. My hair generally doesn’t like coconut oil, but loves olive oil. That’s why I stuck with olive oil.

I decided to try coconut oil for a pre poo one day and it turned out great! I discovered that my hair loves a coconut oil pre-poo. In addition, I love the way coconut oil smells.

Recently I found grape seed oil in Trader Joe’s. I bought it, but didn’t have any plans for how I would use it. I decided to try it as a pre-poo and it was a major FAIL! It had a slightly heavier consistency than olive oil, so I thought it might work well. I actually didn’t consider the fact that you cant use any oil for a pre-poo. I thought any one would work well. It literally just sat on the surface of my hair. When I washed my hair it was just blah! It didn’t feel like it did anything.

Needless to say, I won’t be using grape see oil for a pre-poo again, but I will be putting it in my olive oil mix.


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