All Natural Twist & Curl

This weekend I tried a Twist & Curl (T&C). It was the first time I’ve tried it since I cut off my relaxed ends. I always thought my hair was too short to do it now. I must say that it came out really nice. I was skeptical when I first took out the flex-rods, but after I fluffed it up, it was grrrrreat! My hair takes super long to dry, so I’m not sure how often I’ll be doing this style.

Remember my T&C on my half natural/half relaxed hair?

Here’s my T&C on all natural hair.


Not bad! Not bad at all!


11 thoughts on “All Natural Twist & Curl

  1. It’s Terrrrrrr-iffic!!! LOL!!! But seriously, it looks awesome!! Looks like you used my technique of spiral rolling all the way to the roots;)?? Girl, you need to fluff and separate that as the days go on because it looks like it’ll look more amazing as it gets bigger and fluffier each day!!

    • That style is already a thing of the past.l! Lol! I didn’t think it would make it another day. Actually… it would have if it was the weekend still. It would have been too crazy for work tomorrow. You know I like my styles extra neat.

  2. Rece, it looks awesome! I love it! It came out really nice! When I do a tnc it takes my hair forever to dry ad well, I guess that is why I don’t do them often either! Look at all that body and bounce, love it!

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