My Secret to Clear Skin

After trying a million and one facial products, I’ve finally discovered the secret to keeping my skin clear. It’s been rough for me because my cheeks and chin are dry, but I have a semi-oily T-zone. My mother kept saying that I can’t do the same thing to my forehead that I do to the rest of my face. Mother’s are always right.

I still wash my face with Cetaphil. All of the dermatologists I’ve gone to have all said to use Cetaphil as a face wash because it’s gentle. I’ve discovered that I can use almost any moisturizer on my checks and chin. I’m currently using Olay Active Hydrating Cream in the night and Olay All day UV Moisture Cream in the day. It has SPF15. Good enough? I think so. I only use that one in the day because of the SPF, I actually prefer the one I use in the night. (Didn’t it used to be called Oil of Olay though?). All of the older women with beautiful skin say they use Olay “The pink one” which is the original one. It must be doing something right.

For my forehead… here’s the shocker… I use… NOTHING! Not a single thing. Unfortunately no SPF either. Apparently it produces enough oil to moisturize itself. I’ve had very few breakouts since I started doing this. I remember that this was what I used to do a loooong time ago, before I developed acne. Sometimes, the simple solutions are the best.

I’m sure this will all become null and void when the weather changes. Then I’ll be back to square one.



4 thoughts on “My Secret to Clear Skin

  1. girl you really need to use something with SPF on your forehead. Your entire face really. It’s not about the moisture. It’s about protecting your collagen which the sun wreaks havoc on and ultimately your skin’s elasticity is lost. Oh and there’s that little risk of skin cancer.

    I’ve not tried this product of Olay. You know I have to check out those ingredients first LOL. Anything with parabens or sulfates and it’s a no go for me.

    coincidentally, i have the dry spots around my mouth and just beneath my cheeks. funny thing is when the weather is warm and the oil production kicks up that’s when my skin acts a fool. I have the clearest smoothest skin in the winter when it’s all dry and stuff.

    • Nope. No ma’am. No SPF until I find something that won’t make my forehead breakout. I dunno about the ingredients, but it works for me.

      I don’t even know which season is best for my face. I used to have it all figured out. Now it’s been a mystery.

  2. I’ve wanted to dive back into olay products in my adulthood but Ive been apprehensive. Back in the day I tried it as a teen and I had a PIZZA face afterwards lol! I’ve also heard of a lot of people using cetaphil on the face and having great results. I think I’ll try that after the wedding because the bottle is a lot bigger than my other wash.

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