Straight Hair Woes

I straightened my hair almost a week ago because I wanted a straight style for my birthday.

I noticed that when my hair is straight, it doesn’t feel as moisturized as when it’s in it’s natural state. I’m constantly using moisturizers and oils and it absorbs it so quickly.

To straighten my hair, I used Chi Silk Infusion.

I’ve heard other naturals talk about it so I figured I’d give it a try. It’s a very good product. My hair got straighter and silkier than usual. I was still a little nervous because that’s the first time I’ve straightened my hair using a different heat protectant.

When my hair is straight, I lean towards wrapping it because for one, that’s what I’m used to from my relaxed days. Secondly, I sweat a little in the night and wrapping it keeps my roots flat and smooth even if I sweat.

The problem with wrapping my hair is that my ends are exposed, which could also add to the dryness. Last night I pin curled my hair (somewhat) to add a little curl to it and also to protect my ends.


This was end of the day hair. Now that my scalp is better, hopefully I can keep it straight for two weeks.



3 thoughts on “Straight Hair Woes

  1. You are not worried that straightening your hair will ruin your curl pattern? I want to wear straight wigs and the ones I have require that I leave a small section of my hair out but I’m afraid that straightening even that piece will ruin my new curl pattern. Any advice?

    • I am not worried because I’ve straightened my hair before with no heat damage. I guess I am less worried because I do my hair myself. I would be worried if someone else did my hair though. I also use a heat protectant when I straighten it.

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