Loose Ends

I’m not sure that I decided to do a long transition. It was more like I decided not to do a BC. I love long hair. I’ve always had long hair. I love wearing ponytails and buns. I needed this to still be an option.

I thought it would be a lot getting used to not only a new texture, but a new length. Nope. Too much change for me. I thought that when it grows to the point where I have like an inch or two of relaxed hair left, then I’d cut it.

At this point I’m about 60/40. The natural hair is finally winning. Some areas, like the back of my hair, are more like 85/15. There’s just about an inch or two of relaxed hair left back there. It’s pretty tempting to cut a lot of it off now, but I’ll wait a little longer.

The reason why I created a blog is because the challenge is going to end soon and I don’t know what will happen to my posts about my hair journey when that happens. My blog will allow me to hold onto that. In addition, I’ve encountered some great people along the way and I think we all need each others encouragement and support, so it would be great to stay in contact once the challenge ends.


4 thoughts on “Loose Ends

  1. Finally catching up on your journey.

    I did a lonnng transition too. But through all the challenges and ups and downs the end results were definitely worth it for me. Lots of luck and I’m here for “hair support” 🙂

    • I’m sure your transition was looonnnggg cuz your hair is long as well. I’m actually having more ups than downs these days, so that’s a plus.

      • It went by so quickly for me because I didn’t know about the “community.” I just wore a bun for a year and a half and then trimmed when it was shoulder length straight (small curly ponytail). Now that I am a part of world where new products and styles are introduced everyday, I feel like time is creeping by. I didn’t even know waist length hair was a possibility until I started reading blogs and watching YouTube. So my impatience is growing strong as I am stuck between lengths. Just be patient and it will happen for you. The BC is definitely not for everyone 🙂

        • I think if I straightened my hair regularly, I would probably be more inclined to cut it. Since I never wear it straight, it still doesn’t seem long enough for me to cut the relaxed ends off. One day though… one day!

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