Go that way! —>

One thing I’m beginning to hate more and more is when people give their unsolicited opinion about my hair.

When your hair is relaxed, people don’t comment on your hair daily. Nobody has anything to say. For some reason, when it’s natural, they feel the need to tell you which styles they like and which styles they don’t like. They offer suggestions for what you should do to your hair and how you should style it. When did they become certified cosmetologists for natural hair?! I’m just saying!

Yesterday, a co-worker was telling me that I should try blowing my hair straight before I put it into a bun. She suggested going to the Dominicans so they can blow it out and she also suggested using a hair serum (read: silicone) to help straighten it.

First of all, why would I straighten my hair just to bun it? Second of all, when did she become the product expert?

I do my hair the way I like it. I use the products I like and anyone with an unsolicited opinion can go thaaaat way! —–>


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