Textured Updo

I decided to try the “Textured Updo” by TiaShauntee.  I washed and conditioned my hair with DevaCare No Poo and DevaCare One Condition, respectively. I used Kinky Curly Leave In and sealed with EVOO. This has been my standard hair care regimen and my hair absolutely loves it.

I followed TiaShauntee in making a few braids in the ponytail to get the textured bun. I used EcoStyle Gel to smooth the sides. I attempted to cornrow the front of my hair and I realized that I can’t cornrow my hair going forward. *gasp* I don’t remember there ever being a time when there was something that I wanted to do to my hair that I couldn’t do myself. Needless to say, I’ll be working on it, and I’ll master it.

Instead of doing cornrows in the front, I did about 9 two strand twists. I opted to do this because I love the shape and definition I get from two strand twists. I used some Curls Creme Brulee. This is actually one of my favorite products. I think it’s going to give me excellent results when I’m all natural and I want to do a wash and go. Just a hunch!

I let my hair dry over night, but this morning it was still a little damp. I wrapped my bun around instead of tucking it under like TiaShauntee did. My bun ended up “textured” moreso because it was damp, rather than from the braids.

I loooovvveeee the way it came out. I got such great definition in the front and the permed ends that are never defined ended up being tucked in. Perfect! It reminds me of a style I did a few weeks ago, but this one came out much nicer.

…and here’s my 16 month new growth checkin.


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