I’ve been doing much better with protective styles. Not only have I been bunning all of the time, but I’ve been manipulating my hair less. Much less. The past few styles you’ve seen have stayed in for 3 days. That’s 3 days without touching my hair. All I do is spray my oil mixture (Olive oil and H2O) to make sure it’s moisturized. In the morning, I may smooth some gel on the sides or just H2O to refresh the old gel.

The main reason why I take the style down is to wash my scalp. My hairline is still very dry and scaly and still no clue why. The only thing that helps to alleviate the scaliness is washing/co-washing it.In addition, I’ve been trying to reposition my bun a little so that the tension of the ponytail holder isn’t on one area. I experienced breakage like that a few months back from having a ponytail everyday. The ponytail holder isn’t satin or anything. It’s the regular Goody ones. It’s not tight, but it’s not exactly loose either. Repositioning may be the only way to prevent breakage again.

I plan to try coconut oil in my hair… again. In the past, my hair hasn’t been too fond of coconut oil, but the times I’ve tried it, my hair was mostly relaxed. I’m curious to see if my natural hair likes it better. What kind of coconut oil do you use? I think I’ve seen unrefined, cold pressed, odorless and a ton of other things. I’m not sure which one would be best.

I may get scissor happy and trim a little bit off of the ends this weekend. I’m not really concerned with length at this point, I really just want all of the relaxed hair gone… without the BC! LOL

I’m really sad that this GOC is coming to an end. What am I going to do without you guys?!?!?!? =(

Maybe they can start a new one?
Maybe they can extend this one?
Maybe… ? *sigh*


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