I went to the dermatologist yesterday. She took one look at my hairline and said that I have Sebborheic Dermatitis.

She recommended that I wash my hair with my regular shampoo, then use Selsun Blue. Selsun Blue!!! Of course my first question was whether or not that would dry out my hair. In the past, I was told to use Nizoral, which made my hair so dry and tangled. I’m always skeptical. She assured me that it wouldn’t.

She also prescribed me a medicated foam and a solution to massage into my hairline. She recommended that I use it for 2 weeks. She said it’s a chronic condition that would clear up soon, but would likely reoccur.

She asked me how long it’s been like that. I almost said it began recently, then I remembered that it’s been ongoing that’s how I was even prescribed Nizoral years and years ago. This is the worse it’s ever been though.

She told me that my hair likely fell out in that area but assured me that it would grow back soon. So, all is well.


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