Although my last style had to grow on me, I loved the twists in the back. I decided it was time to try two strand twisting my whole head. The first time I did this was when I did my big chop and I absolutely hated it.

The thing I disliked most was that my hair shrank so much and it looked even shorter. Recently I discovered that pineappling my twists adds some weight to it to lengthen the twists and also helps to keep them from going crazy during the night.

Last night, I pre-poo’d with coconut oil for hours (by accident) because I went to take a nap. I washed my hair with Selsun Blue. I know it has sulfates, but the dermatologist recommended it for my scalp. Dr.’s orders! I conditioned my hair for a little over an hour with My Honey Child – Olive You Deep Conditioner with some added olive oil. For the first time ever, I dried my hair with a t-shirt instead of a towel. Not bad! (It takes me a while to jump on the bandwagon). I applied Kinky Curly – Knot Tody and sealed with my olive oil mix. I did my hair in two strand twists and I thought it came out fantastic.

I really hope it lasts a week because I’m not planning to do much with my hair this week. I only plan to apply my olive oil mix, daily. Today, I wore it with one side pinned up and the other side down.

Yesterday after I t-shirt dried my hair, my hair looked REALLY black. It looked almost as if I dyed it black. I’ve always loved how black my hair is, yesterday it just stood out.





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