Texture Changes

When I look at pics of how my hair was when I was younger, I realize that it’s not like that now. People say that once you relax your hair, it’ll never be the same. I don’t really believe that. I think it’s probably moreso due to the fact that hair changes in texture about every 7 years. Most people relax their hair for longer than that, so by the time you see your natural hair again, you’ve either forgotten how it used to be, or your texture has undergone its normal changes.

My hair appeared to be much straighter when I was younger. When I smoothed my hair back, I didn’t have as many deep waves as I do now. My mother REALLY took good care of our hair. Why did she even let us start doing our own hair?! LOL.

I have no memories of what my hair was like when it was wet, which is crazy because I used to wash my hair myself for years before I relaxed it.

My goal is to get my hair back to how it was… this time with a little more length.

I had to dig in the crates for these!





22 thoughts on “Texture Changes

    • I had no idea my hair was so straight! Who knows why I thought it’s was cool to relax my hair. Ah well. You live and you learn. I did enjoy my relaxed years though.

      • Rece, your mother wasn’t blow drying your hair straight first with a comb attachment? That’s what I remember my mom doing, made it easier to braid it. I didn’t realize that when I was braiding my niece’s hair when she was really little. But then, her cousin’s mom told us that’s what she did with her daughters’ hair (when we marveled at how smooth and frizz free their braids were). My sister and I were like … “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” LOL!!

        • LOL. According to mom, she hadn’t discovered the blowdryer for a long time, so when I was young she didn’t blowdry it. She said she used to use Pink Lotion though… and Moisture Max when we got a little older. Y’all remember those!

          In addition, she made “special brew” which was a whole bunch of figs and berries boiled and she would strain it and pour the rinse over our hair. (Me and my sis).

  1. OH LAWD Rece you haven’t changed one bit! lol You were simply adorable as a little girl!! I wanna pinch them cheeks lol Now I gotta bust out the throwbacks!! Im trying to get my hair back to my childhood days. My mom took great care of my hair then she let me put my sticky fingers in it lol. Things went south ha ha ha

      • OMG!!! I saw this on my cell this morning, but had to wait to get home to reply. When I saw it, I thought and was going to say the same exact thing!! You look exactly the same!! Too cute! And y’all know, at the beginning of the GOC, I had the idea of everyone sending in a picture of themselves/hair when they were little, pre-relaxer if possible! But, I never got around to soliciting for the post! Now, I really have to do it because I think that it would be so much fun! You have already seen one of mine!!

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