Bun Maker

The reason why I’ve hated wearing a bun since I cut my hair is because my bun always looked so tiny and messy. I guess the short curls that couldn’t quite reach to get pinned up would frizz up throughout the day.

I was watching TiaShauntee’s Bun Tutorial and realized that she used a bun maker! ..well, she used a makeshift one out of a sock. That’s probably better because I’m sure it’s softer than this one. I love her YT videos because they’re short and to the point. No long talking.

I’ve had one of these for a very long time (from early in my relaxed hair days), but rarely used it. I used it when I graduated from nursing school so I can have a nice, full bun. It was a bit difficult to do with my relaxed hair because it was so thin.

Anyway, I tried it the other day and absolutely loved it! I’ve even had a bun this week thanks to the bun maker!


14 thoughts on “Bun Maker

  1. Looks nice and full. I was also thinking of making one or buying a bun maker. Every time I saw it in Walgreens Im tempted to pick it up. I guess I’ll be making a trip to Walgreens soon. Thank you for posting.

    • Yeah, my hair is still in a bun. It’s not the softest thing ever, but I don’t see any strands on it when I take it out, so I assume it’s not damaging my hair. It would be nice if someone covered it in satin

  2. I’m LOLing because you call it a bun maker:). Sounds like a bakery machine:). Lol! I just hear it called a sock bun. Think I’ve mentioned that I made one not that long ago. But, I just can’t get it to work well for me. I think it’s because I don’t like making a tight ponytail with an elastic. So, I never get it smooth or tight enough to set the sock bun form firmly. Just be careful with it Rece if it seems to dry or snag your hair. Some people suggest oiling the ones made with a sock and pantyhose. I don’t know if that will work for your bun maker though as it doesn’t seem to be an absorbant material.

    The bun is looking very nice though! Glad you found a way to make a bun that makes you like them:). I swear, I keep a bun in anymore! Just so quick and easy when time is limited.

    • Ummmm… I still use my tight ponytail elastics and I still brush my hair when I put gel in it. Old habits die hard.

      The bun maker doesn’t seem to pull out my hair. I also make sure my hair is super oiled before I bun it.

  3. You like it too? I don’t like it. My bun was too small. I get better results doing a bun with a banana clip and now that my hair is long enough, I can wrap it around good and it comes out full.

    I will try the bun thingy again though. Maybe I can make it loose so it’s a messy bun?

    • Honestly, I’ve never had a neeeeed for it. I like it because my hair is short and it gives the appearance that I actually have hair.

      If my hair was long, I’d probably prefer a messy bun like what Shelli does.

  4. Is it hard to get your hair around the bun maker??? (hahaha Shelli) I always have a hard time making sure every hair is smoothly in the bun. Your bun looks so smooth! Great look. I also think my bun maker is too big, it seems to not stay in place. Maybe I should try making it smaller.

    • It actually isn’t. I’ve been doing it the way Tia Shauntee does it in the YT video which pretty much holds it in place how you want it, so you can pin it with no problems. That extra ponytail holder around the bun is key.

      • You know. I got this one because of Tia’s video but then it was super snug and too small for me so… I have a lot of hair stuff…some of which I don’t like but will still use. I’m anti-wasting stuff!

        I was thinking maybe I’ll use this bun thingy to do a top bun and wear the back out curled…not tomorrow though lol.

        So, why did I just get a root canal today! Ugh! It’s not hurting right now but I can’t chew on my right side til next week!

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