Sexy Bun

I just did the best bun ever using my bun maker! A pic won’t even do it justice. No, there’s nothing special about my bun. My hair has been bunned for days and I just took it down to moisturize and repin it.

Let me just tell you that this time around it came out sooooo smooth. I put my EVOO mix in it, some Carol’s Daughter – Hair balm and some Curls – Creme brulee and my bun is sexxaayyy! So sexy and supple that I had to write about it! =)

I wish I could leave it in for a while, but tomorrow I’ll be taking it down to do my hair for the Curly Nikki event. A bun is cool and everything, but it would only be right to actually style my hair for an event focused on natural hair. Some people (Nikki and others) prep their hair days in advance to achieve the best style. For me, my freshly washed, first day hair is the best at this point in my natural hair journey. This wasn’t always the case. It also depends on they type of look you’re going for.

I’m overly excited about the event and meeting wonderful people. I have no idea what to expect, but I’m sure it’ll be fun.


4 thoughts on “Sexy Bun

    • Maybe I’ll take a pic in the morning. We’ll see. There’s really nothing exciting to see back there though. Lol. I think it came out better because my hair was dry and somewhat stretched… or maybe because of all of the moisturizing.

      • I’m with Leah! I’m like, “What, no pic for real?!?!” I don’t care if it won’t do it justice, I still want to see it!! LOL!! But yeah, you were already stretched and moisturized so the reset was even better:).

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