Baby, it’s cold outside!

I was standing in the cold this morning, with my high bun and my hat in my bag. (My mother would kill me!) My ears were so cold! This winter is definitely going to be a challenge for me.

I’m used to my long hair. I’ve had it all my life! In the winter, I always wore my hair down. Not only was that my style, but it kept my ears and my neck warm. It was also easy to throw any style of hat on it and it worked. My hair thrives in the cold weather.

This winter… “what is I’m goin’ do?!” *panicking* I have short(er) hair! I rarely wear it down. How am I supposed to wear a hat if I have a bun? Especially a high bun! This is all new to me… and it’s only getting colder outside!


(Ok, I know I’m overly dramatic. Lol)


11 thoughts on “Baby, it’s cold outside!

  1. LOL! Well for starter invest in a snood. It is a hooded scarf. which covers hair and neck. Although you would need to line it with silk overwise not a good idea for your hair. Or invest in a silk scarf wear it as a fashion accessorie. Do you have snood in the US? that is an example for a type of snood
    you could actually drape a silk scarf in this way, be stylish.

    hope this helps!


    • A low bun would work! I need to see your big hat. Looks like I’ll be rocking low buns all winter. unless I use one of those hats with the pom pom on top. That’s shaped right for a high bun.

  2. All I pictured in my mind while reading this was you with a nice winter hat on and this odd shape sticking up at the top!! LOL! I have been wearing a low bun under my hats and it has worked out well.

    • The snood is a great idea and invest in some cute ear muffs or the headbands for winter (Looks like a headband, but the sections over the ears are larger to cover them). Those will work with a high bun and keep your ears warm. You can get the sports kind or a cute knit one like this:

      But, again, I’d probably try to line it with satin or silk. Hmmm … might need to talk to Dottie about what she do like this!!! 🙂

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