Textured Bun

I’m pretty sure I’ve been doing way too much with my hair. I’m going back to not styling and restyling everyday and I need to oil my ends more.

My scalp is in shambles. I’m going back to washing it frequently with Selsun Blue shampoo as the dermatologist suggested. My hair will probably take a hit from this. I think a conditioner I’m using may have caused my scalp to get worse. The problem is, I’ve use three different conditioners recently. Tsk!

Due to my scalp issues, I’ll be foregoing the weave until further notice. I was going to go with cornrows, but that doesn’t sound like such a good idea either, with this scalp. Soooooo… the vacation style will be… nobody knows. Not even I know.

Here’s the textured bun I wore today for an interview, for a job I prob won’t get/won’t take. *shrugs*




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